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Lee Weston Roofing Services focuses on the repair and installation of roofs. However, we also specialize in Vinyl Siding. If you want your current Vinyl siding to be replaced or repaired, or if you want one to be installed, we are the right people to do the job!

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Why We Love Vinyl Siding And Why You Need To Have It Today:

Because Vinyl siding is much thinner than the said products, it can easily be formed to match more colors and styles. So, if you want something that will complement your roof well, the Vinyl siding is the right one for you.

And because it is versatile when it comes to style, you can choose among many designs that would also fit your budget.

When installing the Vinyl sidings, the process is much different than wood, asphalt, and cement fiber sidings. You no longer need caulk and nails to put it where it is supposed to go. Vinyl sidings have overlapping edges and partial locking systems on top so that we can fasten them immediately. It will also not place undue stress or pressure on the other building materials, so both the Vinyl siding and the other materials will last longer.

Aside from that, it can expand or contract based on the weather because it is not nailed down or installed with caulk.

Vinyl siding was designed to withstand different elements like strong winds, heavy rains, and even snow or hail. Buffalo, New York, and nearby areas experience these extreme weathers. That is why Vinyl siding is what we recommend.

Vinyl siding is organic, so it does not degrade as quickly as other construction materials for roofing-related matters. This means that when water is involved, or any other element, the microscopic surface structure will not let the moisture pass through it easily. Aside from this feature of the Vinyl siding, it is also low maintenance that is why many homeowners are shifting to this kind of siding and are contacting us day in and day out to do the job!

Vinyl siding is cheaper because the installation does not take a lot of time, and it does not need to be replaced now and then. We can give you a sample computation of how much you will be spending when you prefer other types of siding over Vinyl. Just give us a call or visit our office to sit down with you and explain to you what we mean by Vinyl siding being cost-effective.

Also, you can even have an insulated vinyl siding so that you can prevent heat loss inside your home during the cold months. It also works during the summer months because the insulated vinyl siding places a cover over the studs of your home, so the heat will not penetrate your home as quickly compared to other types of sidings.