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If you are working with Lee Weston Roofing Services, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Aside from the fact that we pride ourselves on the quality work that our team does, we are licensed and insured. Meaning, you are working with a company that will safely handle everything you need to be repaired, replaced, or installed. If anything comes up, our insurer will take care of anything.

We offer you affordable and quality roof repair work because having a sturdy and excellent roof over your head is a must! Your home is the safest place you can turn to during the severe winter months, and it’s also the coolest place you can stay in when the hot summer days come. We believe that no one should suffer from a damaged roof because we do not want it to affect the comfort you deserve while staying at home!

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You do not want to live in a home full of buckets because the roof is leaking. When the rain falls hard in Buffalo, New York, or its neighboring areas, we want you to be warm and cozy and not worrying about your roof giving up because of too much water from the storm.
Tracking down where the leak is coming from can be difficult. The sooner we determine it, the sooner we repair it. And the sooner we fix it, the sooner you will feel warm and cozy inside your home.
Blown Off Shingles
During the days that the wind is too strong, it could lead to your roof’s shingles getting blown off. You should not worry because we have a wide variety of shingles that will match those still intact. You need to have this repaired immediately because the part where the shingles get blown off could be the part where water will find its way to the seams. And once water gets into the seams, you will have a bigger problem, such as a leak or trapped moisture.
Moss Growth
When you find moss growing on your roof, it could only mean one thing – there is trapped moisture in your roof. Whenever there is trapped moisture, it could damage your entire roof, and you do not want it to be a huge problem when the time comes. That is why the removal of the moss and the tracking of the trapped moisture are necessary so we can repair what needs to be repaired accurately.


We have more repair services to offer. You have to give us a call or visit our office if you want to consult us!


We are Lee Weston Roofing Services, and the only thing you need to do is trust us because we know roofing.

We have the best team to work on the repairs that need to get done. Our experts will come over and check your roof and be a hundred percent honest with you. We will not recommend replacement right away if we know that we can still do something about extending the life of your current roof. We will do whatever it takes to come up with innovative solutions to repair what needs to be repaired. However, if we think that replacing your roof would be more affordable and less costly, we will be upfront about it and give you a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.