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Here in Buffalo, New York, and neighboring areas, we know that the weather can give our roofs a beating. That is why whenever something unexpected happens, we offer emergency roof repairs. Here at Lee Weston Roofing Services, we want you to be safe and comfortable inside your homes, and a sturdy and quality roof is your first line of defense.

So, if there is a sudden leak in your roof that got triggered by storms or other environmental factors, leave it to us to come and check it out and fix it. Whether it is just a tiny leak or a significant leak, expect that we will repair it. A leak is a leak, and we do not want your home to suffer from any water damage.

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Also, if there’s too much trapped moisture or there’s already moss growth, we got you covered. These will also lead to further damage to your roof, and we want to save as much as we can so that we only repair the portions that are no longer repairable.

As for shingles that got blown away, you can also contact us to have them replaced. Especially during the times when the weather is not too forgiving, you have to contact us immediately!


For Our Emergency Repair Service

You can call us any time!

Whether it’s too early in the morning or at midnight, you can count on us.

We will send someone over immediately

After you let us know about the matter and why you need our help, we will immediately send someone over. It can be a one-person team or a bigger number depending on the severity of the emergency repair service you need. We already devised a plan in the past when this type of service is required of us, so expect that our process is smooth and that we will get to you as soon as possible.

The repair could be permanent or temporary

Because it is an emergency repair, the remedy that we will be doing could only be temporary. However, we will do our best to make the repair permanent for your peace of mind. As long as we are sure that what we will be doing will remedy the problem, we will be honest and open with you about how long it will hold up.

The one thing we can assure you is that with our many years of experience, our emergency repairs will put your mind at ease because we’ve seen many emergencies, and we have studied how to best attack them.